In 1740 Atsingnetsing was a quiet village located in what today is known as Big Flats. With just 147 residents it was a wonderful place to live; that is until October 31st of that year. It was reported by the lone survivor at the time that a strange thick fog encompassed the village and the residents were possessed by beings with an uncontrollable craving for blood…

They terrorized each other in ways far beyond comprehension of the normal mind. By the stroke of midnight on that fateful night Atsingnetsing was renamed Tagsylvania by the neighboring town folks as the town appeared to have been overtaken by some type of otherworldly creatures.

The 1 lone survivor had a story so bizarre, no one would have believed it but for the evidence that lay everywhere within the town. A virus or an evil beyond mere comprehension – no one will ever know. What we do know is that every fall a thick fog begins to rise from the swamp behind Tag’s. Within that fog resides something that possesses all those in its path – and the residents of Tagsylvania seem to return to replay the night of their untimely demise…

Do you dare to join them?

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After multiple complaints of disturbances and strange activity from the community, Lecter was forced to abandon his Victorian home after nearly a decade when the Town of Big Flats finally condemned the building.

Lecter and the creatures that inhabited his domain fled, their whereabouts are currently unknown. Some locals believe they made their way into Jerkus Circus, while others fear a new community is forming within the Swamp

The building was auctioned to an anonymous bidder, who hired multiple contractors each assigned to different parts of the manor. None of them interacted or knew what the others were building, some weren’t privy to what was being built themselves.

After months of renovation, the Archdiocese of New York have reached the final phases of the plan to open a new Orphanage in Big Flats.

Fleeing from up north, the new orphanage is said to be run by former members of the St. Dutcher’s Orphanage, where many accounts of abuse and negligence amongst other acts have been reported to officials. In a cryptic report, it was said the orphanage would take in children by the dozens, but none were ever seen leaving the house, playing outdoors or even being adopted. This curiosity led to many investigations, all remaining unsolved.

What happened to the order of nuns, orderlies and others in the facility? Have they uprooted, moved south and are now hoping to be a new home for little wanderers? What are they hiding behind the walls?

Motel 666 has been treaded on by many pairs of travelers’ feet just passing through Tagsylvania. Today you can still hear the faint sound of footsteps echoing down the hallways from those guests that weren’t lucky enough to check out. An unknown evil encompassed the motel one day leaving all those in it dead and stuck to rot. Each room holds an unspeakable story whether it’s about the guests that went on gruesomely murdering the others that day, demonic possession encompassing their actions, having them run mad with a thirst for blood. Or whether it’s the more horrific unexplainable scenes held by the rooms from years past… you can check in but we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to check out.

A traveling circus from the early 1900’s founded by Carlyle Jerkus Esquire the 3rd. In its hay-day, the circus was renowned as the best traveling circus. Following the Great Depression the circus was on its last leg so the founder made a deal with the Devil for fame and fortune. But Carlyle did not agree with his terms. When Carlyle went against the devil’s agreement, the Jerkus family was then cursed to travel from house to house collecting the souls of children in a Cavalcade of Horror. Now witness the Horror in 3D as the Jerkus Circus arrives at Tagsylvania.

In Psycho Swamp the problem seems to be within the fog. Some who enter never leave. The fog overcomes them with a strange frenzy and they take-up permanent residence within the swamp. As you travel along the path with just a flash light you will meet some of these bizarre characters. Just be careful –as none of them can be trusted to let you leave alive.