Tagsylvania is a a 3 part haunted attraction featuring a haunted house, trail, and circus.

COMING THIS YEAR–Friday, September 30th is a new attraction. Escape the Precinct!

Tagsylvania is the only Upstate New York Haunted House to be featured as a “Top 31 Must See Haunt!” 

Featuring 3 Main Attractions: Lecter’s Lair, Psycho Swamp and Jerkus Circus

Plus the mind bending Vortex, Shadows, Air Brush Tattoo’s, Phil A Hearse Photography, cool Carnival Games, food and much more!!


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In the Beginning……

In 1740 Atsingnetsing was a quiet village located in what today is known as Big Flats. With just 147 residents it was a wonderful place to live; that is until October 31st of that year. It was reported by the lone survivor at the time that a strange thick fog encompassed the village and the residents were possessed by beings with an uncontrollable craving for blood. They terrorized each other in ways far beyond comprehension of the normal mind. By the stroke of midnight on that fateful night Atsingnetsing was renamed Tagsylvania by the neighboring town folks as the town appeared to have been overtaken by some type of otherworldly creatures. The 1 lone survivor had a story so bizarre, no one would have believed it but for the evidence that lay everywhere within the town. A virus or an evil beyond mere comprehension – no one will ever know. What we do know is that every fall a thick fog begins to rise from the swamp behind Tag’s. Within that fog resides something that possesses all those in its path – and the residents of Tagsylvania seem to return to replay the night of their untimely demise……. Do you dare to join them?